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Our Board of Directors

The President is responsible for ensuring that the Board of Directors and its members are:

  • Cognisant of, and able to execute, their governance responsibilities

  • Aware of and comply with applicable laws and bylaws

  • Competent of completing board business successfully and efficiently

  • Accountable for their conduct in relation to all matters related to the board

The President is expected to:

  • Chair board meetings

  • Stay in close communication with all board members and monitor their performances

  • Identify and recruit new members

  • Lead the design of training workshops as necessary

  • Propose committees and task forces, appoint committee members and offer opportunities for cross participation as appropriate

  • Contribute to the various committees and attend committee meetings

  • Plan meeting agendas

  • Submit various reports to the board, to funders, and to other "stakeholders"

  • Regularly appraise the sustainability of the organization and strategize novel ventures as necessary

  • Perform other duties as the need arises and/or as defined in the bylaws


Dr. Subodh Verma

The Treasurer is expected to:

  • Ensure that the finances are always aligned with the mission of the organization

  • Manage the finances of the organization, including the board’s review of and action related to, financial responsibilities

  • Always make available the current financial reports to the board

  • Regularly report on key financial concerns and trends as well as provide assessments of fiscal health

  • Draw up the annual budget for members’ approval

  • Develop the financial procedures and systems as well as the accessibility

  • Prepare the financial agendas for meetings

  • Recommend and organize annual (or more frequent) audits

  • Assist in the selection of an auditor, if needed, and meet with the auditor as required


Dr. Mohammed Al-Omran

The Secretary is expected to:

  • Attend all Board of Directors meetings and members’ meetings

  • Construct the agenda in collaboration with the President/Chair

  • Take minutes that accurately reflect the discussions, decisions and action items of each meeting

  • Distribute the minutes to all the relevant members in a timely fashion

  • Keep the policy manual and by laws current

  • Maintain current lists of board and organization members as well as their contact information

  • Manage all internal correspondence and ensure the relevant parties are aware of the latest decisions/actions

  • Manage all external correspondence – annual reports, website updates, membership correspondence etc.

  • Respond to all queries from external parties


Dr. Badr Al-Jabri
Scientific Advisory Council

The Scientific Advisory Council assists the Corporation in the development of programs focused on improving knowledge translation among physicians and allied health professionals in Canada and particularly to provide strategic advice to the Corporation.

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